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Piano Lessons


Our piano teachers instruct in a variety of styles, from classical to popular music. Every student is different, so piano lessons are personalized to each student. We focus on teaching the fundamentals and proper technique, but we also make it fun by finding music our students are excited to play.


What to Expect

We make it a priority to get to know each student on a personal level and to become familiar with their musical needs and goals. You won't be lost in the crowd here!

The First Lesson

Our teachers make it a priority to get acquainted with your child's abilities, interests, and goals in music while teaching proper technique on their instrument. They will sit down with you and your child, to find out what they hope to achieve from learning music. They have the experience to help them reach their goals no matter their ability level. 

Lessons are held in a very relaxed environment. Parents are welcome to join their child’s lesson, but it is not required. 

Music Styles We Teach

At the Arts Academy we make it a priority to teach all styles of music! We believe that it is important to expose your child to different genres, so that they learn about different cultures and music. 

We aim to tap into each student’s natural abilities so that they have fun learning while achieving success and learn life skills like teamwork, perseverance, and discipline. Your child will be playing their favorite piece of music before you know it! 

Our Locations

All of our locations have convenient hours throughout the week.

Happy Valley

14654 SE Sunnyside Road

Happy Valley, OR 97015


15605 SW 116th Avenue

King City, OR 97224


8261 SW Wilsonville Road, Wilsonville, OR 97070

Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is not only to educate students in music, but also to help them become well-rounded individuals with proper ethics and values while stimulating creativity at all levels.  Music teaches responsibility, patience, determination and perseverance. 

Can my child choose their own songs to learn?

Yes! Your child will have the opportunity to choose their favorite songs or even compose their own music. Parents are encouraged to attend student recitals (which are held twice a year) so that you can see how far your child has come in their musical journey, and to get an up close view of his/her progress.

How long does it take to learn to play piano?

It depends on how much time you dedicate to it, but most people can learn the basics to piano in a few months.

The best way to learn is by taking piano lessons and practicing regularly. If you are consistent and motivated you will start to see results quickly and be able to play simple songs within a few weeks.

A qualified piano instructor can also give you personal feedback and help you correct any mistakes.

What’s the best age to start piano lessons?

We teach students as young as 5 years old. Starting piano lessons at a young age has many benefits. For one, children have an incredible ability to learn new things and develop new skills quickly. In addition, early music education helps children develop important cognitive skills that can help them excel in other areas of life.

Students who start piano lessons at a young age also tend to stick with it for the long haul. This is because they have not yet developed bad habits, and they enjoy the process of learning and playing music. Plus, they have plenty of time to hone their skills and become truly skilled pianists!

It is never too late to start learning to play the piano, and we have students of all ages in our studio. However, younger students tend to learn more quickly and have an easier time developing good habits.

What piano styles do you teach?

Our teachers can teach all styles of pianos, from classical to jazz and pop. So whether your goal is learning how to make beautiful music or play some fun song on request at parties. Our instructors offer piano lessons for all levels of learners - from beginners to experts. They will help you learn the songs your heart desires!

What's the best way to learn how to play piano?

The best way to learn how to play piano is by starting with the fundamentals and proper technique, and then practicing regularly.

One way to improve your technique is to take lessons from a qualified instructor. He or she can help you develop proper playing habits and give you feedback on your progress.

In addition, you should practice regularly at home in order to improve your skills. The more you practice, the better you will become at playing the piano.

Do I need to bring my instrument with me to my lessons?

Yes! If you are learning : Guitar, Ukulele, or Violin you need to bring the instrument with you for your lessons. (The academy has a drum set and piano in each studio room.)

Do I need to purchase the instrument I’m learning to have at home?

Yes! You will need to have your instrument at home so you can practice the homework your teacher gives you and progress in your instrument. There are a lot of rental options if you aren’t ready to buy an instrument yet.

Are your teachers qualified?

Our teachers are highly qualified professionals who have many years of experience teaching children to play the various instruments at all levels. We pride ourselves on having the most devoted teachers with an unwavering commitment to our students' success in music. All our teachers know how to get the best out of their students. Our teachers use innovative teaching methods that will help your child achieve their musical goals at whatever level is required - whether it's playing by ear, learning basic technique on piano, guitar, violin or other instruments or simply getting introduced to music & its various facets using MIDI keyboards & other computerized musical instruments.

Any other important information I should know?

Discipline, routine, and regular practice are required for success in playing an instrument. We encourage parents to take part in this, too!


Start learning piano today!

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